BotCity Studio

BotStudio is a development tool to work side by side with your IDE. It’s mainly used to create automatic UI navigation, injecting Python or Java code directly in your bot souce code.


Download BotCity Studio

Just login on your Maestro and click at “Download BotStudio”:


Linux and MacOS Users:

In order to use the Document Processing with Images and scanned PDFs it is required to install an additional libraries on your system:

  • For Linux:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 # For Debian and Ubuntu apt install libtesseract-dev # For Fedora yum install tesseract-devel # For RHEL yum install epel-release yum install tesseract-devel


  • For MacOS - using Homebrew:

    1 brew install tesseract

MacOS Users:

For screen capture using BotCity Studio under MacOS, instead of pressing printscreen you must use F9 (⏩) due to OS limitations over how printscreen works for MacOS.

Release note of version 2.10.2 (10/28/2021)

  • Loads the last project by default on startup.

  • New Load Project module to switch between projects quickly.

  • New menus to link to our projects pages.

  • Support menu to request help on our Slack channel or forum.

  • Create account and recover password on login form.

  • Improvements on code generation and visual code rendering.